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I have a video to make! *panic*

“I would like you to quote me for a corporate video for my business/company”
That’s the phrase we hear everyday, but why does it seem like trying to land on the moon?

The answer is this : You don’t have all the information necessary to get the video project done. Here are some of the basic guidelines to how to approach the making of a video!

Be sure of your message

Corporate video? Short ads? Think about the message you would like to shout out to your community. Often you’ll see a Cameron-esque, 10 minute long video on how a chocolate roll will bring you to seventh heaven; but your audience will probably be sitting around, eating cheaper products simply because your message wasn’t tailored for them. Consider making silly, funny and sometimes relevant clips that will keep them engaged and curious.

Financing your production

This is the second hurdle to getting your video out there. When you have determined how your production strategy will be, your video production company can work with you on how much you will need to finance the current plan; or to shift your time and budget into smaller, bite-sized productions. Think about the problems George Lucas had when he first produced Star Wars.

Trust your Producer

He is your link between art and the real world. The producer will help you to plan your finances, wrangle the production crew, rein in the director and guide you throughout the whole process. Having a good producer means you will never have to keep an eyeball constantly and having sleepless nights on the delivery date.

Be there for your shoot

Its easy to say “I need to file in paperwork/feed my boss’s dog/plan for the construction of a Death Star.” But by being there for your own production allows you to see what was filmed and alert the producer to any other details that might have slipped through the cracks.

Give yourself a pat on the back

You’ve made it so far! After working with your video editor on the project, its finally ready to show your video to the world. Congratulate yourself on a job well done and surviving it intact. Remember to let your video company know your feedback on the outcome as well. We can then go celebrate over a Milo tower on a job well done and a happy client.

So that’s it! It really is not difficult to get a good design/video team to turn your message into a compelling reason. If you have more questions on how to get your message fleshed out, or if your current design team is not working in your terms; give us a call or sendus a message via pigeons. We’ll be glad to help you out!



p.s Joking about the pigeons. We do not support animal cruelty.


Holy hell we’re up!

Well boys and girls, after a long period of bashing the keyboards, panicking over lost codes and MANY MANY cups of tea and coffee…


Right now, we’re working on a “more better” version of our showreel, with the latest projects we’ve done so far last year. Please roam
around here and make us more awesome!

– Jack


Hello world!

Hello and welcome to our newly-refurnished website! We’ll get up to speed real soon on the latest projects, the fun stuff we do everyday and the trash we read from time to time! So stick around and we’ll be right back!