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An Introduction to Video Production in Singapore

An Introduction to Video Production in Singapore

It’s the end of the day and you are getting comfortable on your couch,  spending hours browsing through content on platforms such as Youtube; and watching movies on streaming services like Netflix . But, have you ever wondered what goes into the process of getting video content made? In this article, we will find out what goes on in a  professional video production.

The steps of Video Production in Singapore

  1. Development

    The first step in any video production is to   understand the client’s needs. What do they hope to achieve with a video?  Who are the target audience and what is the level of quality they are expecting with their budget. We want to help our clients get to the realization of that vision with the video content that we provide, and getting the concept right is the very first step. This also enables us  to generate relevant ideas and plans that can be proposed to the clients and also enables the production house to define the scale and scope of production based on the concept .

  2. Pre-Production

    One of the most important phases of any video production is the pre-production. This is where the concept starts taking shape in the form of scripts, storyboards, budgeting and production plans.
    In this phase, everything from script writing, scheduling, finding actors, location scouting, getting the equipment ready, are taken care of.

  3. Production

    Production time is where the bulk of the video content is being filmed. Working with a producer, a director combines the ideas and technical knowledge to bring the script to life. Our team works together with the clients to show how their ideas are formed on set, using a variety of equipment and techniques that the crew is experienced with.

  4. Post-Production

    One of the phases that most clients do not see and are curious about. The stuff of magic and computer wizardry that takes all the footage that were shot, and edited together into a cut. Once our clients see how their videos are being shaped, our post-production team goes back into their darkened rooms and sprinkle in their technical genius of music and special effects to deliver a final cut.

And there we have it,  a happy client!

We at Konclave Studios are a Singapore-based video production business committed to making outstanding videos. With time, the term Konclave Studios has come to represent quick thinking and original ideas in the field of video creation. Our clients think of us first when considering a team that has an interdisciplinary experience and collaborative style.

Our vision is that every client’s vision is a story worth telling.


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