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Big Projects


NTUC "Because we care"

This video is part of an initiative by NTUC to encourage Singaporeans to stay strong as we continue to forge during the covid pandemic.

A project that is close to our hearts, the “Because We Care” video is also a tribute to all the hard working crew and production people in the media industry affected by the pandemic. Konclave is proud to have participated in the conceptualisation and production of this video. The song was specially re composed for this project.

2022 - 2022

Dassault Systemes web series live stream

This was done at the beginning of the pandemic, the project kicked off during the lock down. We had planned for many things but had to improvise because of the ever-changing rules during the pandemic. It was our first live stream project. It was a very niche idea because no one was really doing it at that time. We had to scramble and setup a system amidst the pandemic which was quite a challenge cause everyone couldn’t be at a lot of places. A lot of things were done remotely. This then turn into a 10 episodes web show series. Timothy Go (ex CNA newscaster) was the host for the show, we started the first few episodes with him recording from his living room and we did the recording remotely. We only met everyone on the team in person after 3 episodes, that was about 6 months into the project.


NTUC Social Enterprise “History of NTUC Social Enterprise”

Client gave us a lot of creative leeway in producing this video. There were a lot of props involved and we had many sleepless nights trying to do up the props. Had to innovate a lot as most of the props were created from scratch. We shot for 4 days in a studio. A lot of requirements, very tight budget, very small team. Proud to have pulled this off despite all that.

2016 - 2018

Canon Photographer Series

This is one of our first docuseries.

This series follows photographer Justin Mott, one of the judge for Canon Photomarathon Singapore, on his daily life as he goes around shooting on his Canon 1DX camera. This was shot in multiple locations across different countries, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. We operated on a 2 man team and had to improvise a lot as many things were only decided on the shoot day. Each shoot lasted 3 days in each location, which was very tight considering the amount of things we had to shoot. Glad we managed to pull this off and had the chance to work with Justin Mott.

Small Projects

OCT 2021

The Purple Parade

TPP celebrates people with disability. It is a yearly concert by disabled performers. We’re proud to have been a part of this event that celebrates
disability. There were challenges as this was done when government just opened up. It was one of the first big event in 2 years. We didn’t really know what to expect, are we able to shoot close up, are we able to interview the people, there were going to be ministers and VIPs there which has not happened for awhile. In the end all went well, we managed to capture the essence of the performance and was able to bring that out through our post production.


Marina Bay Sands Spectra Light & Water Show

Although this look like any other event shoot but it was memorable for us because producing were done remotely as all our producers were overseas on a shoot, had a good team in Singapore who helped pull this through.

The event was very time sensitive i.e. performance happening at certain time and cannot be missed so it was quite a challenge to have to do this remotely. All liaising had to be on point. This was also one of our first drone shoot.


Mortal Enemy

One of our first video in cinema. It was part of a competition. Video was fun to produce as it was submitted as part of a competition so there were a lot of creative leeway. It was memorable because the video played in cinema for awhile and a lot of people could remember this video. The video won the competition, it was submitted not as Konclave but as someone’s name so we can’t say we won the competition. We did everything from end to end though, from idea and conceptualization to post production.

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