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How Companies Use Commercial Videography in Singapore

How Companies Use Commercial Videography in Singapore

Video content is all but essential in today’s digitally connected world. Most consumers engage with videos as they navigate different services and products daily, using to make informed choices and guiding their decision making processes. How can a business leverage on videos to create sales and engage their customers? Let’s take a look at how businesses in Singapore utilize commercial videography.

What is Commercial Videography?

A commercial video is generally a short video that intends to connect with the audience and describe very briefly your product, service, brand or your organization. A well shot commercial video adds value and spreads knowledge of your business in your marketing strategy. Commercial videos can also be used on multiple platforms from Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook and even television .  Video content focuses on storytelling that builds empathy towards the brand and moves greater audience numbers towards sales.

A well thought out series of commercial videos will help to gather a larger audience, taking advantage of the accessibility and potential that they bring a personable approach to your audience.

How Do Companies In Singapore Use Commercial Videography

  1. Corporate or Brand Films

    One of the most familiar types of corporate videos are designed to promote a brand, product or service; even a combination of all three. The video content can be used to create awareness, educate your current customers and to increase your sales. A brand film is used to evoke emotions, creating empathy between the consumer and the values that the company stands for. Corporate video production can include a brilliant amount of creativity through the use of storytelling, an engaging message and professional production.
  2. Commercials

    One of the biggest uses of commercial videography by companies in Singapore is commercials. These commercials are often used to introduce a new product/ service of the company, helping consumers make a buying decision.  Companies also use such videos to build brand awareness and change brand perception.

  3. Industrial Videos

    Industrial videos are technical, topic-specific videos aimed at an in-industry audience. This type of commercial video production involves focusing on the details of an industry product, service, or technique required for successful business operations.Companies often use industrial videos for technical training and industry-specific showcases. They should aim for a professional, informative edge that relates information in a concise yet creative way.

  4. Event Videos

    Companies also use videography to capture and cover entire  events. This footage can be quickly edited to create brand awareness through social media, news networks; and serves as social proof of credibility and inspires brand trust to partners.

  5. Conference Video

    Live-streaming conferences and seminars creates improved access to these services.  Equally important, this provides another avenue for on-demand learning and information.During the pandemic, demand for live streaming services increased multifold as in person events could not be held. This resulted in an explosion of online related events and conference services.

Beyond corporate applications, commercial video production means so much more as a tool for education,infotainment and so much more. The quality in professional video production provides the audience with a richer, more immersive experience. At Konclave Studios, we can give you a hand with our diverse and experience team of video production experts

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