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The Growing Use Of Motion Graphics in Singapore

The Growing Use Of Motion Graphics in Singapore

Motion graphics is animation, but with text or graphical design as a major component. Essentially, it’s animated graphic design. Ever since motion graphics first entered the scene, there’s been a debate about the line between them and full animation. Motion graphics are a way to communicate with the viewer, and add depth to the story. Together with music and effective copy, they can give us a message. Our clients use them to create ads, title sequences for corporate videos and to share information about their services and products.

Advantages of Motion.

  • Effective For Branding.

    As a result of its intrinsic shareability, motion design can generate organic growth for any marketing effort. Motion graphics can go viral if it is interesting enough to receive a re-tweet or be shared on social media.A large number of younger consumers do not like to comb through pages of information in order to determine what you have to offer and why it would be of interest to them. That is one of the reasons why these videos are so successful. You can convey who you are and what your brand can achieve for them in a matter of seconds with the right animated content.

  • Freedom for creativity.

    There are no bounds to what you can do when it comes to motion graphics. Without physical bounds, you don’t have to hire an entire cast and crew. Motion graphics can be seamlessly combined with other kinds of animation, such as kinetic typography, whiteboard animation, or even 2D and 3D animation, to produce an appealing message.

  • Easy To Understand.

    Motion graphics have a higher retention rate than just static images or other textual content. Almost everyone in today’s world is consuming videos at a rapid scale. Motion graphics are wonderful in keeping the viewers interested. These videos can be used on websites, and landing pages as motion graphics can entertain people and keep them longer on the page.

  • Improves SEO Performance.

    As we know, motion graphics create more engagement. And more engagement leads to greater SEO performance hence helping in search engine optimization and page ranking.

The growing use of motion graphics in Singapore has become the top priority for every video content in and out of Singapore. The world of motion graphics has experienced a big boost over the last few years. While in-person events took a hit throughout the global pandemic, video creators turned to animation, and began experimenting with motion graphics to come up with fresh ways of delivering content. Now, motion graphics are dominating across all industries. The versatility and innovation of motion graphics, as a creative discipline directly linked to the development of technology, it’s no surprise that motion graphic trends are constantly shifting and evolving. Be at the forefront of this trend with Konclave Studios.

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