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Video Production Services in Singapore and What it Entails

Video Production Services in Singapore and What it Entails


Video content production is one of the most important parts of video content. Making video content needs more than just suitable equipment to produce. You’ll need a proper and organized team of editors, creators, and concept developers; but mostly, a great idea!

Three Important Steps for Video Production.

  1. Pre Production.
  2. Production.
  3. Post Production.
  • Pre-production
    In pre-production, the planned content and goals that were defined in the strategy portion of the video production are made actionable. In this stage, you’ll define budgets, project’s scope, create scripts and storyboards, develop a timeline for the production and post-production phases that will follow, scout locations and perhaps acting talents, source for additional equipment and more. Basically, this phase is for identifying everything that needs to be created, gathered or otherwise planned for before the actual production phase begins.
  • Production
    The production stage is where the planning we did in the strategy and pre-production phases comes together and the actual shooting begins. This phase is where you’ll actually set up the locations and equipment, shoot the footage planned for in your storyboard or shot list, have talent perform your script, and otherwise create all the content you’ll need for your final product.
  • Post-production
    Once the video is shot and production has wrapped, it’s post-production time. Post-production is where the video gets edited into what you see as the final product. Video footage and sound are edited and mixed. Music or voice-overs might be added, and visual effects could be created. Maybe your video needs titles, credits, cards or other text additions. Whatever needs to be done to transform and augment the assets you created in the production phase into your final product will be done in this portion of the process.

No matter how big or small your project, it’s extremely important to go through these stages in order when producing any kind of video content in order to ensure timely delivery and a high quality video at the end of the day. Staying true to every phase of the video production process is something that we take seriously at Konclave Studios. To partner with us on your next video project, contact us.        

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