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What Is Done By A Post Production House In Singapore?

What Is Done By A Post Production House In Singapore?

A production studio is a company of professionals specializing in producing video content of any complexity. A good production studio with a full range of services, from creative development, to  ending with ready-made video solutions

Here are the different roles in a typical post production house

  • Producer:

    The producer is the initial contact for the project. They talk with the client to arrange the high-level goals and expectations. It’s their responsibility to assemble the production team. The director typically comes first.  From there, they put together the necessary crew members. The producer usually stays involved throughout the project lifecycle: pre-production, production and post-production.

  • Director

    The director is typically the most involved person on and off set. They assist with assembling the right crew to get the job done. They make adjustments to the script to keep the video on budget and on time. They oversee all parts of the production. Questions get funneled up to them. And, when dealing with talent, the director should be the only one directing them. They oversee technical details as well, such as camera position, use of lighting and anything that affects the final product.

  • Director of Photography or Cinematographer

    A DP and cinematographer are usually the same. Some insist that the cinematographer title only gets used when the DP is also the camera operator. Either way, the DP is in charge of the lighting as well as the camera. In some cases they work along side the lighting director.  It is common to let the DP and lighting director work side by side to achieve the desired results. The DP is responsible for getting the exact look the director envisions. He’s in charge of assembling the proper equipment to get the job done. This includes camera, rigs, lenses, filters, lights etc.

  • Gaffer

    A gaffer is the head electrician – the person on set responsible for executing the lighting plan for a production. They work closely with the Lighting Director and/or Director of Photography to make sure that the light hitting the subject or dressing the set is optimized.

  • Key Grip

    The key grip rigs whatever is needed to get the lights in the proper place. They also set up flags, diffusion, etc. They also need to be aware of the scene’s blocking to make sure the gear doesn’t  get in the way.

  • Editor

    A video editor uses footage, sound and graphics to tell a story. A typical day in the life may include creating treatments and storyboards; developing scripts; producing and editing videos and photos for multiple platforms, from short-form daily content for social media platforms to long-form series; and sourcing and/or creating and adding graphics, animations, special effects, music, sound effects and sound bites. A video editor also makes decisions about maximizing the content’s value online and helps align the final version of the piece to the appropriate distribution platform.

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